3 Minutes to More Youthful Skin

You’ve seen them all over and heard they’re amazing, but do you know why they’re so beneficial for the skin?

We’re talking about the Rose Quartz Facial Roller - the skincare tool used by women in China for centuries that continues to be a skin care staple for women all over the world.

Rose Quartz Roller - withSimplicity

10 Reasons Why You Should add a Rose Quartz Roller to your Routine

  1. Rose Quartz is naturally cold - helping to cool and soothe the skin
  2. Reduces Puffiness
  3. Promotes Lymphatic Drainage (The motion of the roller - Manual Lymphatic Drainage- helps to encourage the natural drainage of the lymph, which transports waste and toxins away from the tissues.
  4. Promotes circulation
  5. Stimulates collagen production
  6. Smooths Wrinkles
  7. Improves Skin Elasticity
  8. Tightens & Reduces Pore Size
  9. Reduces Under Eye Circles
  10. Promotes Product Penetration


 Jasmine & Frankincense Face Serum - withSimplicity


When you Should Use a Rose Quartz Roller

  • Use for 2-3 minutes each morning after applying moisturizer to wake up the skin, reduce puffy eyes, and prep the skin for the day ahead.
  • Use for 2-3 minutes each night to work your serum into your skin to help drain away any toxins collected throughout the day and prep the skin for a night of rejuvenation. 


Pro Tip: Put it in your freezer for 10-15 minutes before using for a chilling and revitalizing effect on the skin!

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