4 Reasons your Skin Needs Aloe in the Summer

With the warmer weather comes more time spent outside with friends and family, enjoying the sunshine, which is why it's so important to keep your skin healthy amidst the extra sun exposure.


One of the most timeless ingredients used for sun burns is aloe vera. You might remember spending too much time in the sun one day and running to your local drug store for a bottle of the bright green gel to slather over your burns. But did you know that aloe vera doesn’t just have to be used when you have a sunburn? There are many benefits for your skin from the plant!


  • Sunburns: Starting with what aloe vera is most used for, let’s cover sunburns. While the best practice is to wear SPF and to keep direct sun exposure to a minimum, burns happen! Aloe vera soothes the burn and helps prevent your skin from drying any further and flaking.


  • Anti-inflammatory: Similar to how aloe helps with sunburns, it is anti-inflammatory and helps soothe your skin. Aloe vera contains many compounds such as salicylic acid, polysaccharides, and glycoproteins to help repair your skin, calm the redness, and to help balance out the extra sun exposure. It can also help irritated surface acne and keep an even skin tone.


  • Moisturizing: Aloe vera is super moisturizing. It can help prevent deeper face lines and wrinkles, which can easily start to form as your skin starts to dry up during the summer. Aloe is known to boost your skin's elasticity, and increases the amount of collagen in your body. Your skin will look smooth, supple, and radiant!


  • Versatile: Aloe vera is versatile and works for all skin types! It absorbs oil easily, and it hydrates dry skin. Any skin type can use aloe vera and benefit from its properties!


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