4 Uses for Hydrating Mist during your Summer Travels

Have you found multiple uses for your favorite makeup and skincare products? Sometimes when you’re traveling and need to pack light, you only have room for a few of your must-haves. I’m here to tell you to make room for your 2 fl oz. Hydrating Mist every-time you fill your TSA approved quart-sized baggie. You’ll thank me later!

Use 1: Primer

You heard me right! Even though nothing can replace our Pore Minimizing Face Primer, if you have to pick one over the other for travel, choose your Hydrating Mist. Why?


A key ingredient in the Hydrating Mist is glycerin. Don’t know what that is? Glycerin is an all-natural, non-toxic colorless and odorless liquid derived from vegetables that helps your makeup stick to your face (in a good way). After spraying your Hydrating Mist, you may notice that your skin feels slightly tacky to the touch. Not only is the glycerin helping to pull moisture in from the air to hydrate your skin, but it almost acts as a glue that bonds your makeup to your skin so you get longer-lasting coverage.

How to: Spray your face and wait a few minutes for the mist to become tacky before applying your organic foundation.

Use 2: Longer-lasting and brighter eye-shadows

Spray your eye brushes with 1-2 spritzes of Hydrating Mist before applying your favorite shimmery eye powders like Latte or Mocha to enhance the shimmer and color. Not only will the pigment look stronger and brighter, but your eye powders will last longer! Thank you, Glycerin!

Use 3: Setting Spray

After applying your makeup (but before applying mascara or liquid eyeliner), spray your face with Hydrating Mist to set your makeup. Not only will your makeup last longer because of the glycerin, but the the hydrating mist will help “absorb” any extra powder on your face so you get a dewy look instead of “cake-face”. Apply your mascara and liquid liner after spraying your face to avoid mascara from transferring to the lower eyelid.

Use 4: Hydration!

If you’re going to be in the sun all day, make sure your skin stays hydrated! The coconut extract in the yummy Cool, Calm, and Coconut mist is a humectant, meaning it moisturizes your skin and helps prevent water loss...not to mention, it’s perfect for hydrating your skin on long flights where the cabin air is dry.

Time for me to book a flight to Grand Cayman...who’s in?


Want to learn more about the benefits of Glycerin? Check out this article.

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I have very short hair. I use the Hydrating Mist to add some moisture to my hair.

Patsy Schutte July 06, 2021

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