The wS Back to School Skin Survival Guide for Moms

  1. How is it already August? 
  2. How is Summer almost over?
  3. And how are our kids already going back to school?! 

*Takes a deep breath*

If you’re like us here at withSimplicity, we’re going nuts getting ready for the school year. (They start next week- yikes!) Between physicals, back-to-school shopping, fees, forms, you name it, our days are tied up from sunrise to sunset. 

We’ve done our homework ahead of time and put together this “Back to School Skin Guide” to help you keep your skin healthy while dealing with all of the stress of the new year.

Assignment 1: Bath Time isn’t just for the kids

Soak in the tub at least once a week to calm your skin.

Materials Needed: Bath Bomb or Bath Tea, Hand & Body Jelly to moisturize after, your favorite drink

Assignment 2: Feel Alive with some Dead Sea Mud

Set aside 10 minutes one night per week for a mini facial to add nutrients and moisture back to your skin.

Materials Needed: Dead Sea Mud Mask Single Use, Mask Removal Sponge

Assignment 3: Keep Skin Hydrated on the Go

Every morning while dropping off the kids or waiting at the bus stop, we want your skin to be radiant! Spray 2-3 spritzes of Hydrating Mist each morning to start your day with an added boost of coconut and moisture.

Materials Needed: Cool, Calm & Coconut Hydrating Mist, your beautiful face

Assignment 4: Two-Minute Morning Makeup

Why not feel a bit glam when going to drop the kids off? Give your eyes, lips, and cheeks an extra pop of color and definition. Also great for when you’re rushing to work!

Materials Needed: Tri-Stick, Organic Mascara

Assignment 5: Make yourself a priority for 10 minutes

Take 10 minutes every night for your skincare routine to make sure you’re putting your best face forward everyday. You deserve to pamper yourself! 

Materials Needed: Starter Skincare Set

Now we could give you more assignments, but we know how busy. Below is a more “extensive” list of things you need to be prepared for the new school year: “Mom’s Back to School Shopping List”

Good luck, stay strong, and pamper yourself. Here’s to another wonderful school year.

withSimplicity Back to School Shopping Guide for Moms

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