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Article: Girl, Clean your Makeup Brushes

Girl, Clean your Makeup Brushes
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Girl, Clean your Makeup Brushes

Cleaning makeup brushes is literally the last thing any of us want to do, but it’s so necessary and crucial to the overall health of your skin! Just think of all the bacteria that gets trapped in the hairs...terrifying, right?

Clean makeup is only as effective as its tools. You can be using the cleanest products, but if your makeup brushes are dirty, what’s the point? Not to mention, makeup brushes clogged with product do not blend product evenly over the skin, meaning lots of streaks and uneven coverage… no me gusta.

Lately, we’ve been using our Charcoal Face Bar to clean our brushes, and we’re OBSESSED. It’s quick, easy, and we know our brushes are getting squeaky clean!

Follow these simple steps to revive and deep clean your brushes:


  • STEP 1: Wet the brush with the bristles pointing downwards. Why downwards? You don’t want water to get into the ferrule - the part of the brush where the bristles are glued together. If water gets in here, the glue could loosen and your brush could start shedding.


withSimplicity Makeup Brush under water


    withSimplicity makeup brush cleaned with withSimplicity Charcoal Face Bar


    • STEP 3: Rinse the brush with the bristles pointing downwards. Massage bristles gently while under the water stream to help loosen up any tough makeup.

    *repeat steps 2 & 3 until the brush is spotless!
    • STEP 4: Swirl brush around on a towel to soak up water. Swirl the brush around in the direction of the bristles. What do I mean by this? If the brush is a big fluffy one used for buffing on foundation, blush, or bronzer, swirl it around in circles. If it’s a flat foundation brush, glide the brush back and forth in the direction of the bristles. 

    Basically, you want to retain the shape of the brush, so follow the direction of the bristles when “swirling” on the Charcoal Face Bar or drying towel.

    • STEP 5: Lay the brush flat on a towel to dry for at least 12 hours. 

      withSimplicity Vegan Makeup Brushes laying flat to dry

      Technically, this should be done every week, but if you can manage to do this at least once a month, you’re in good shape (and so are your brushes)!

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