Good Skin Habits Start Young

Wrinkles. They start appearing on your face as you age and deepen with time. While wrinkles come with aging and could be seen as a badge of honor having lived a full life, it’s no secret that many people would dish out serious cash to get rid of their wrinkles with sometimes surgical treatments.


Read on to find effective ways to keep your skin looking fresh naturally!

  • Avoid sun damage: You may be tired of hearing everything talk about how important sunscreen is, but we’re saying it again: wear sunscreen. The sun reaches your skin more than you might realize: UV rays (the skin damaging ones) don’t just hit your face on a sunny day. They radiate through clouds and can still affect your skin when it’s overcast. Unless their genetics are supreme and they will never wrinkle, those people you see in public with ageless skin are typically regular sunscreen users (trust me, I’ve asked them).


  • Don’t dry out: The ultimate combo for keeping yourself hydrated inside and out is to drink water and moisturize. Wrinkles won’t form on skin that won’t let them set in! Moisturize twice a day with your favorite withSimplicity Moisturizers, especially if you live in a drier climate or if you’re in the sun more often. Buy a big water bottle and drink more water. If you don’t like the taste, add fruit or cucumber or lemon to give it a little flavor. Whatever you need to do to keep moisturizing and hydration in your daily routine, do it!


  • Add in vitamins: Vitamins and minerals do incredible things for your body, and your skin is no exception! While it can be hard for people to eat more fruits and vegetables (it really isn’t, our taste buds are just so adapted to processed foods) one good way to start is to think about adding foods into your diet rather than taking foods away. Add in a handful of berries to your snack, a side salad to your dinner, and a fruit to your breakfast to help yourself eat more vitamin-rich foods!


  • Don’t pull your face: Repeated pulling and pushing of your skin isn’t going to help your skin stay taut and firm. Consider buying a silk pillowcase to sleep on and trying to convert to sleep on your back permanently.
Throughout the night, as your face is stuffed into your pillow you’ll pull and stretch your skin. Think about the effect this has on your skin when you do this every single night for years! While it can be hard to be conscious of what your body is doing while you sleep, you can definitely control your face muscles during the day.
Moving your face around as you furrow your brows, raise your forehead, frown, or squint is going to affect your skin’s ability to revert back to a neutral position. As you continue to have these habits, your skin will start to develop wrinkles where you stretch your skin the most. Start by being conscious of how you’re moving your face when you’re resting, and consider meditation or yoga if you realize it’s hard to keep your face neutral. Both will do a world of good for your stress as well!

Aging doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but it's understandable that people would prefer to not have wrinkles or deep lines in their skin. While it’s important to love your skin and to embrace aging, all of the tips above are not just healthy habits to prevent wrinkles. They affect you in many more ways and should be implemented for more than just superficial wrinkle prevention!

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