Hola Olas - Natural Sea Salt Spray for Beachy Waves

This summer, we want you guys to say “Hola Olas!” to our new Sea Salt Hair Spray! Translating to “hello waves” in Spanish, this new product brings the beach to your hair and creates the most perfect beach waves without needing a trip to the ocean. Just spray a bit onto the roots and ends of your hair to add volume, a little lift, and to emphasize waves while battling oily roots. 

Only available in our Exclusive Summer Simplicity Box!


This product doesn’t just enhance the look of your hair - it’s good for it too! Following the withSimplicity way and made with natural ingredients such as coconut extract and Dead Sea mineral salt, the product works its magic to make your hair healthier, stronger, and look good doing it! 

A few of the most key ingredients in our spray are:

  • Coconut extract: The most abundant ingredient in the Sea Salt Hair spray is coconut extract, second only to water. Incredibly versatile, coconut works for all hair types! Not only is it great at conditioning dry hair, it also does a great job preventing breakage and split ends. Coconut oil reduces the rate at which your hair loses proteins, which are meant to keep your hair strong. This allows for your hair to grow longer while staying strong and healthy, which is vital for maintaining a long-hair look! Coconut also immensely improves the look of your hair. It helps to add shine without making your hair look greasy or oily, and keeps it soft and lush. 

  • Dead Sea mineral salt: Any sea salt spray obviously needs salt. In our sea salt spray, we’ve chosen to use mineral salt that comes straight from the Dead Sea. Dead sea salts are special because the Dead Sea is the lowest point of elevation on land on Earth. Full of minerals, Dead Sea salts add nutrients while also volumizing and adding texture. One of the specific minerals in Dead Sea salts is sulphur, which is a natural ingredient that helps detoxify and cleanse to combat oily hair. Spraying the Sea Salt Hair Spray onto your roots is effective at getting rid of a greasy-hair situation because it soaks up the oil and leaves your hair free to embrace the waves!

  • Sunflower seed oil: Sunflower seed oil is a common hair supplement that we decided to incorporate in the sea salt spray in order to lock in moisture and to prevent your hair from drying out. It's full of Vitamin E and oleic acid, which work together to prevent hair loss, slow down thinning hair, stimulate hair growth, and to add shine and softness without making your hairy oily or weighing it down. 

  • Rosemary Leaf Extract: This leaf oil is known to help treat hair loss through its multiple properties, which include promoting nerve growth and regrowth, improving circulation, and having anti-inflammatory properties. 

  • Lemon Peel Oil: This oil is a beneficial essential oil for cleansing your scalp and ridding it of unnecessary oils. It also helps with scalp conditions caused by inflammation by calming the skin on your head, and it keeps the sebum production of your scalp’s sebaceous glands in check. This allows for your hair to get less oily and prevents breakouts on the scalp (if you haven’t noticed, yes they do happen!)

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