Positive Benefits of Negative Ions in your Skincare Routine

When formulating natural and organic skincare products, we spend the most time selecting thoughtful and purposeful ingredients. While ingredients like Rose Oil, Blue Tansy Oil, and Myrrh sound exciting and have great skin boosting properties, it's important to not over look the base ingredients as well, like Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Clays, and more.

Negative vs Positive Ions


Bentonite has negatively charged ions which help to neutralize positive irons on our skin- helping with the purging of pollutants and creating a rush of endorphins.⠀

Ready for this? We're about to promote the importance of NEGATIVITY... you heard that right. We're promoting negative vibes.⠀

Let's dig a bit deeper.⠀

In summary, negative ions have a more positive effect on our body compared to harmful, positive ions. They enter our body via our skin and our lungs.⠀

Positive Ions

Just to name a few adverse effects, positive ions can:

  • constrict blood vessels
  • increase blood pressure
  • strain the nervous system
  • suppress growth
  • make breathing difficult.

    Negative Ions

    Negative ions can:

    • dilate blood vessels
    • stabilize blood pressure
    • strengthen bones
    • stabilize respiration
    • calm nerves
    • enhance heart function
    • promote healthy growth
    • boost collagen production⠀

      Skin Benefits of Negative Ions


      Let's now look specifically at how negative ions enhance the skin.

      Studies have shown a boost in collage production and blood circulation within the skin when introduced to negative ions. 

      Here's what happens. The negative ions bond to any positive ions and neutralize the free radicals found in the skin cells. This helps to prevent any further cell damage and slows down signs of aging.

      So, this is the only moment in life that we'll tell you that it's okay to be Negative.

      While there are some skin devices/machines out there that can add negative ions to the skin, ionization can occur when certain products are applied topically to the skin.

      withSimplicity Products with Bentonite Clay (Negative Ions)

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