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Article: How to Take Time for your Skin

How to Take Time for your Skin
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How to Take Time for your Skin

As we start a new chapter in our lives whether it's a new job, homeschooling, or just tackling life day-by-day, it’s important to remember to take care of ourselves. In times of stress, our skincare routine tends to be the last thing on our minds… change that!

One of our favorite ways to get some “R&R” and treat ourselves is by doing face masks every couple of nights to refresh our skin and feel like we’re at the spa. Not only do we get a few minutes of bliss, but our skin has a chance to reset and take on the next day.

Here are 3 reasons why you should add a Face Mask to your routine ASAP:


  • Exfoliation and cleansing: As we’re all busy living our best lives and getting work done, our skin starts building up on dead skin cells, dirt, makeup, and other things we pick up on our day to day routines. An exfoliating face mask sloughs off that gross top layer and reveals smooth skin beneath! Not to mention all of our serums, moisturizers, and treatments can then better reach the deeper layers of the skin. Face wash is super important and should still be utilized daily, but a consistent deep cleanse does wonders! 

  • Boost of goodness: Skin masks come with varieties of purposes. Some have super hydrating ingredients and are meant to give your skin a burst of moisture, while others are created to even your skin tone and to add a little extra glow to your complexion. While the varieties of skin masks are extensive, they all provide a boost of extra care for your skin and tackle any of your skin concerns.

  • Relaxation: Self care is trending and we couldn’t be happier. Adding a face mask to your skin can be such an important form of self love. Start by closing your eyes and applying the mask by gently creating large circles on your skin. Massage your face while being really in the moment! You might have parts of your skin that you aren’t happy about or that make you insecure, but this step is the perfect time to feel gratitude towards yourself and to thank your skin for how hard it works all day! As you wash off your mask, imagine yourself washing away negativity and couple your newly glowing skin with a glowing attitude!

You’ll feel fresh and rejuvenated afterwards, and you’ll thank yourself for taking time for your skin and well-being!

Need help picking out the perfect mask for your skin? Feel free to reach out for a free online skin consultation!

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