Seasons Change | So Does your Skin

As the temperature gets lower and the air gets drier, you might notice some funky changes in your skin. Maybe you’re breaking out worse than ever before, or maybe no amount of moisturizer is enough to kick that dry, dull skin.

As the seasons transition from one to the next, changes in the weather can have a heavy impact on your skin. Factors like varying UV levels, walking in and out of air-conditioned and heated buildings, and harsh winter winds can all work together to alter the conditions your skin is exposed to each season. 

So, you’re probably thinking, “What can I do to prepare?”

Warm to Cold 

As we transition from summer to winter, our skin works hard to maintain hydration. The lack of moisture in the air, increased time inside heated buildings, and dropping temperature and humidity levels can all be damaging to our skin. 

When looking for that perfect winter moisturizer, look for products that include plant oils such as olive and jojoba. These oils make great moisturizers because they mimic the oils our skin produces naturally!

Also consider sun exposure! Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you’re not being exposed to UV rays. Avoid any extra damage and choose skin products that have natural sun protectant in them, such as moisturizers and foundation. 

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Cold to Warm

Similar to summer into winter, when the temperatures begin to change drastically, our skin has to re-adapt. Moisture levels in the air rise, our bodies begin to perspire, and -unfortunately- our skin gets oilier. 

In the summer, heat and humidity increases oil production in our sebaceous glands, leading to greasier skin and unwanted breakouts. 

So what can you do to help this? Exfoliate. Exfoliate. Exfoliate. Did I say exfoliate?

By removing the dead skin cells from your face, you can prevent clogged pores and excess oil build up, allowing for the moisturizer to travel deeper into your skin; therefore increasing its effectiveness. 

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As the weather changes, listen to your skin and choose the products that best suit your needs from season to season. 

You can’t change the weather but you can change the way your skin handles it!

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