Super Easy 5 Minute Makeup Routine

Mornings are a touchy subject for a lot of people. They're either too busy or too exhausting. Many women don't leave themselves enough time during the day to spend on themselves, let alone to do their makeup! We hear you ladies, and because we do, we wanted to let you know that YOU deserve to feel beautiful. If you've got 5 minutes in the morning and have a mirror (no excuses for this one now!), you can pull of a simple yet beautiful look. Yes, that's right, 5 minutes is all it takes! If you want to be specific, we were able to do it in 4 minutes and 19 seconds. This look is also for women who want something extremely simple. You don't have to be a makeup artist to do this look.

Step 1: Apply Liquid Foundation (~50 Seconds)

This will probably take you the longest out of all the steps (except for maybe mascara)! Use our Jumbo Flat Top Brush with 1-2 pumps of your perfect shade and make sure to buff it into your face and blend it down your neck to get rid of that dreaded makeup line!

Step 2: Apply Translucent Setting Powder (~37 Seconds)

Take a fluffy face brush (I used the Small Round Face Brush) and gently apply the setting powder all over your face. This will allow your foundation to set and not move throughout the day! It's great for mattifying oily skin, and doesn't add any "cakey-ness" to your foundation! If you were in a huge rush, this step could probably be eliminated!

Step 3: Apply Blush to the Apples of your Cheeks (~20 Seconds)

Giving your face some color is should be a priority of yours as your rushing out of the house! Blush is a great way to put life into your face, as foundation does a great job of evening out complexion but doesn't add any color. Take the same brush you applied your translucent powder with (or get a fluffy pointed brush, like our Large Pointed Face Brush) and apply blush to the apples of your cheeks. I like to add it to my forehead and chin on the go to add even more color. The goal with blush is you want it to seem like you're not wearing it, so don't overdo it!

Step 4: Fill in your Eyebrows with Eyebrow Powder (~40 Seconds)

I know, I know. Filling in your eyebrows, HOW IS THAT SIMPLE? That's what I used to think, but ladies, the power of a full brow is insane. Having eyebrows that have even just a little bit of powder in them help frame your face so much. Take a Slanted Brush and gently apply the powder to your eyebrow, following the shape of your natural brow. Doing your eyebrows does not have to be complicated, and it doesn't have to be for makeup artists only! Your face will look so much more framed and ready-for-the-day with a little bit of brow powder.

Step 5: Apply Eye Powder to your Lid (~30 Seconds)

Eye Powder is another intimidating product for most makeup-wearers. However, the perfect eye powder can define your eyes, give polish to your makeup look, enhance your eye color, and give your makeup look some character. While there are some wonderful ways to get artistic with eye powders and shadows, we understand that you are on a MOVE and/or a beginner, and there's no use in trying a new look when you've got no time! Our shade Lace is a beautiful, light and shimmery pink that brightens up your lid and makes you look a bit more awake! However, we have several eye powders that are beautiful as stand-alone colors, and it takes only 30 seconds to apply and blend into your lid.

Step 6: Apply Mascara to Lashes (~1.25 minutes)

Mascara. Is. Everything. I am a firm believer that mascara brings the whole look together, which is why I would argue that mascara is a MUST HAVE for a quick look. Our Organic Mascara is water-resistant and lash-lengthening, not to mention, it is one of our best sellers. To get a full-lash look, apply two coats and move the wand slightly left and right between your lashes to coat each one. If you accidentally poke your eye and your eyes start to water like I did in the video, look up and waft at your eyes, cause ain't NOBODY got time for mascara smear!

Step 7: Apply Your Favorite Lip Shade (~7 Seconds)

Applying lip balm is always a good way to finish your look, but come on girl, you want to end with a bang! The perfect lip shade (gloss OR lip stick) will top off your look and leave you feeling complete. We have several light pink shades and beautiful nudes that are subtle enough for an everyday look.

If you add all that up, the total time comes to 4 minutes and 19 seconds. Not even 5 minutes of your day has to be devoted to makeup, and you can still look and FEEL absolutely gorgeous when leaving the house! Have any other questions about applying makeup? Leave them in the comments below! Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter and Youtube Channel! 

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