Versatile withSimplicity Products That Have Multiple Uses

There's no doubt that makeup can be expensive. Beauty definitely comes at a price, and especially natural and organic beauty. With that being said, there's nothing like the satisfaction you feel when you discover a use for a product that isn't its primary function. Not only are you reducing on the amount of makeup you own, but you are also saving money and getting the best bang for your buck! We made a list of several of our own makeup products that can be used in several ways to help you get the most out of your withSimplicity products. 

1. withSimplicity Concealer as an Eyeshadow Primer

When applying eyeshadow to your bare lid, you may notice that it starts to crease throughout the day, or it may just look extremely sheer when it initially goes on. A well-known trick in the beauty industry is to skip purchasing expensive eyeshadow primers and to just apply concealer on the lid instead. When you apply concealer to your eyelid before applying makeup, it allows for the shadow to have something to grip to, and in turn, lasts much longer. Typically when putting on concealer before eyeshadow, you will want to set it in with either a nude colored shadow or even some translucent setting powder.

2. withSimplicity Mineral Pressed Bronzer as a Crease Color

Mineral Pressed BronzerBronzer as Crease Color

This one is a bit of a no brainer, but definitely worth mentioning! By sweeping a light bronzer through the crease of the eye (which is halfway between the lash line and the eyebrow), it is a great technique to make blue eyes pop, and even just give the illusion that you have a healthy, sunny glow. Doing this alone gives your eyes a little extra somethin' somethin' and you could just leave it at that and it would take less than a minute!

3. withSimplicity Blush as an All-Over Eyeshadow 

Blush as EyeshadowBlush in the color Bare as Eyeshadow

We have four blushes: Rose, Pink, Bronze, and Bare. If you have blue eyes, our Bronze and Bare blushes will look great on you, since you generally want to use browns and orange shades to make your baby blues pop! If you have green eyes, you'll want to stick to pinks, so really any of our blushes will work! Lastly, for our brown-eyed beauties, gold tones will your your eyes their ultimate justice (along with purples, but we are sticking to blushes here!) so the bronze color will look gorgeous on you! Using these pinky-tones on the lid adds so much healthy color to your face, and again, eliminates the need for extra eyeshadows. I absolutely love using the Bare Blush on my lids, since it offers a pinky-brown look to my blue-grey eyes. I just find that it looks the most natural; like I just finished getting some sun!

4. withSimplicity Lace Eye Powder as a Highlight 

Lace is one of our most subtle eye powder colors, but many women have told us that they use it as a highlight! It has just the right amount of shimmer that when placed in the right spots, it gives you skin such a beautiful, healthy glow. Where do you put highlighter, you ask?

First, find your cheekbones by envisioning a line from the middle of your ear towards your lips. Your highlight will go just above this line, from the top of your ear to the outer corner of your eye. Sweep Lace right there, and your face will look elevated and glowy.

You may even use it on the inner corner of your eyes or the center of your eyelids to illuminate your eyes and add some shimmer to your eyeshadow.

Feel free to place it right under your eyebrow, on your eyebrow bone, to give the illusion that your eyebrows are raised and sculpted.

If you wish to give the illusion that your nose is more narrow, go ahead and add some to the bridge of your nose. Your eyes are drawn to the light and are tricked into thinking your nose is more narrow than it actually is!

Lastly, adding it to your cupid's bow (the dip above your lip) to make your lips appear more plump. Go nice and subtle with this one; you don't want to look sweaty!

5. withSimplicity Charcoal Dry or Wet Powder as Liner or Smokey Eye

charcoal powder

eye powders by withSimplicity

It's no surprise that we have the blackest black you could ever imagine as an eye powder. It is 100% Indian Wood Charcoal, and it such an awesome product to have. Not only can you use it in the crease of your eye to deepen up a smokey eye, but when spritzed with a toner or water, it becomes a liquid liner. When used with the Thin Line Brush, it glides on smoothly, giving you a perfect line on your lid that'll last all day. 

6. withSimplicity Eye Powder as Eye Liner

Eye Powder as eye linerEye powder as eyeliner being applied

Similar to the Charcoal Dry or Wet Powder being used as a liner, all of our Eye Powders can be used for both an all over lid shade or a liner. Many people don't think to do it with colors that aren't black, but I have used our Gingerbread and Mocha Eye Powders as liners. They come out absolutely beautiful because of the shimmer in the powder, and are so easy to apply! Any of the shades would look beautiful as liners, so feel free to experiment! 

To give you an idea of what it looks like, here is the final result!

The final look of the eyeliner


7. withSimplicity Brow Powder as Eye Liner

Eyebrow powder

If you're more used to using a powder as a liner, or if you're eyelids have lost some of their elasticity, our Eyebrow Powders are PERFECT for you. They come in the cutest pressed powder container, and are very easy to apply. Whether you use our Duo Brow Brush  and use the slanted edge to get your eyeliner on, or the Perfect Line Brush for a more straight-on approach, the Eyebrow Powder will give you that perfect multi-purpose use! It comes in four shades, Taupe, Auburn, Dark Brown, and Charcoal. For the darkest look, use Dark brown or Charcoal. Along with as an eyeliner, you can use it in the crease of your eye to make your eyes appear larger, or use the lighter Eyebrow Powders as an all-over natural lid color.


8. withSimplicity Translucent Powder to Give You Longer, Thicker Lashes 

Translucent powderTranslucent powder on lashes

This trick is actually SO fun. Translucent powder is used to set your face right after using foundation, right? Well did you know that if you dust it over your lashes, it will give you lashes a "falsies" effect? YEAH. Hear us out:

  1. Put a coat of mascara on as normal.
  2. Take a fluffy brush, q-tip, or blending brush and tap it into our Translucent Setting Powder.
  3. Dust over your lashes until they look slightly ashy. (Don't worry, it gets better).
  4. Put your second coat of mascara on, moving the wand slightly left and right to cover all the lashes evenly with product.
  5. ADMIRE your Kim Kardashian Eye Lashes!



9. withSimplicity Luminizer to Highlight Body

LuminizerLuminizer on collarbones

It's obvious to use our Luminizer on to highlight your face, but have you ever tried highlighting other features of your body? Warm a bit of the luminizer in between your fingertips to soften it up and spread it along your collarbones. This will draw attention to your collarbones and give you a beautiful glow! You could even apply it to your shoulders. Applying a highlight to those areas look sassy and sweet when you're out with friends, at the beach, or at a nice dinner. 


How do YOU use withSimplicity?

We've told you what we thought, but we always love hearing how creative our customers can get. Let us know in the comments how you like using products! Have fun getting creative, beauties! 


I love to use my eyebrow powder in and around my hairline. Makes my hair look fuller and hides thinning hair.

Alesya V June 23, 2018

Love these tips! I typically use my foundation on my eyelids but always forget to set it with my mineral powder from withSimplicy. Will have to start remembering! xo

Anneke Bauman June 22, 2018

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