The Rejuvenating Skin Benefits of Vitamin C

One of the most well-known powerhouses for skin health is Vitamin C. Found in citrus fruits, peppers, and kale, the compound has long been known for its health benefits and connection to the immune system.

Do you know how important Vitamin C is for your skin health?

Vitamin C is naturally found in the dermis and the epidermis (inner and outer layers of your skin). Making sure that you have enough Vitamin C is important. It regulates the enzymes responsible for collagen production, which helps your skin stay smooth and supple. As an antioxidant, it helps the skin to heal from sun exposure and damage caused by free radicals.

As people age and are exposed more to environmental pollutants and UV Rays, Vitamin C levels have been known to decrease significantly, which is why it's important to add products with Vitamin C to your skincare routine!


Vitamin C helps with:

  • Hyperpigmentation on your skin. It evens out your dark spots without changing your skin’s normal pigmentation. More time spent in the sun creates more sun spots, and many struggle with age spots and melasma.
  • Spots from old acne scars and discoloration under the eyes. Vitamin C can help lighten these areas, bringing a more youthful glow to your skin.
  • Increased firmness and elasticity.
  • Soothing & repairing skin after sunburns. Vitamin C helps with sunburns by increasing cell turnover and allowing the skin to heal faster.

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