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Bee-you-tiful | Complexion Rescue Honey Mask

Cruelty Free

Gluten Free

Sulfate, Paraben & Phthalate Free

Dye + Artificial Color Free

Fragrance Free

Sale price$8.00 USD

Our Bee-You-Tiful Complexion Rescue Honey Mask is the ultimate solution for achieving a glowing, healthy complexion. Infused with raw honey, blue tansy and myrrh oils, this luxurious mask is packed full of vitamins antioxidants, and antibacterial botanicals that target skin conditions such as acne, hyperpigmentation, and rosacea. 


  • Raw honey contains natural antibacterial properties that help fight acne and unclog pores, while also locking in moisture to keep skin soft and hydrated.
  • Soothes eczema and rosacea
  • Reduces redness and hyperpigmentation
  • Deeply hydrates dry, irritated skin
  • Boosts a healthy, glowing complexion

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Acne Clear Up

I have been dealing with hormonal breakouts and this has been the only thing to cure it. I did have to warm it up a little bit to help with the application process, but it felt so soothing and clean when applied. I loved how my skin felt after the mask was completed. I will be using this product about every two weeks to manage my hormonal acne. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

Emily Martin

I really enjoy using these masks as gifts. Such an enjoyable and healthy gift! Thank you!

Clear pores!!!

They’re not lying, this product is PACKED with HONEY! Super sticky to apply but the benefits are soooo worth it. My pore looks so clear and so much smaller just after one use. My skin looks so clear and even in color. I absolutely loved this mask. If your looking for clearer pores and a smooth even skin tone, this is your mask!!!

Soft & worth the sticky!

Ok so this is made of honey which obviously means the mask is sticky and a bit messy to put on. But it is so worth it! I typically put it on before I shower so I can clean it all off with ease in the shower. And then I come out the softest most pampered version of myself - it’s such a treat! This is my favorite mask, ever since it was launched I have made sure I have one on-hand at all times.


WOW! Love this mask, and cannot wait to try the other ones. I usually just use bentonite clay for my mask routine and mixing up my routine with this mask is a choice I am happy I took. My skin was so soft after I used this mask! Will buy again, and the other ones too!