15-Free Nail Polish

Creating a nail polish line free from as many toxic ingredients as possible was so incredibly important to withSimplicity, and we could not be more proud of the fact that our nail polish is currently one of the cleanest, long-lasting nail polishes on the market that is made in the USA. 

If that isn't exciting enough, we partnered up with the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank located in Verona, Virginia. Their mission is to "provide nourishing food to our neighbors in need through vibrant community partnerships and passionate public support." Since withSimplicity is concerned with what our customers put on their bodies, we wanted to partner with a non-profit that cared about what is put into someone's body. When you purchase a withSimplicity 15 Free Nail Polish, we take a portion of the cost to donate one meal to someone in need for every polish purchase. To us, this polish is more than a healthy alternative, it is a polish with a purpose. Please feel free to learn more about the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank's Mission, Vision, and Values.

Meals Provided So Far: 1,394

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