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  • What is a Gua Sha and How To Use It

    Chances are, you've heard of this tool before that has taken the beauty world by storm. For centuries, women in eastern counties have used the gua sha to improve the overall appearance of skin and as a therapeutic treatment in place of plastic surgery and non-natural anti-aging practices.
  • 2021 Graduate + Mother's Day Beauty Gift Guide

    Two very important celebration are coming up - Mother's Day and Graduation for the Class of 2021. Have you done your gift shopping yet? Shop our gift guide of self care products that are sure to show how much you love them.
  • 5 Tips to Keep Makeup on Longer

    As the weather starts to get warmer, we start to worry about how to keep our makeup on longer while combating oily skin, sweat, and sometimes unbearable heat. Luckily, there are a few simple things you can do that only take a few minutes to prevent your makeup from sliding around or transferring to clothes throughout the day.