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May 12, 2021 | withSimplicity


woman sliding gua sha across face

Chances are, you've heard of this tool before that has taken the beauty world by storm. For centuries, women in eastern counties have used the gua sha to improve the overall appearance of skin and as a therapeutic treatment in place of plastic surgery and non-natural anti-aging practices.

Gua Sha comes from the Chinese language and means ‘“to scrape or rub”. The use of the tool comes from traditional Chinese medicine which focuses on the chi, an energy that flows throughout the body. When this energy is balanced, it is said the body is healthier and in a state of well-being. It’s a great addition to your natural skincare routine.

While there isn’t too much scientific evidence to prove if a gua sha really works, results from women across the world seem to show that this tool helps depuff the face and bring life back to aging, dull skin.

Below, we’re mainly going to focus on the benefits of a gua sha facial instead of gua sha uses on the body. Typically, the gua sha is used more harshly (for lack of a better term) on the body to promote circulation and muscle relaxation. This can sometimes cause mild bruising, which isn’t something to be too concerned about. The gua sha should be used more gently on the face to help with energizing the muscles. 

What is a Gua Sha?

Typically, a gua sha massaging stone is usually made of jade or rose quartz. Both have similar benefits in that they help to calm the skin. Rose quartz is slightly different from the jade stone as it naturally stays cold, bringing a refreshing sensation to your gua sha facial.

This little tool features different curved sides and smoothed ridges to help position it along the natural contours of the face. 

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What are the Benefits of Using a Gua Sha?

The benefits of the gua sha really come from the technique used and not the stone itself. Depending on how you work the stone across your face, your skin can experience different effects. In general, the main benefits of a gua sha facial are:

  • Toning of the muscles of the face
  • Firming the skin
  • Relaxing muscle tension in the face
  • Boosting blood flow & circulation
  • Moving stagnant blood that contributes to dark circles & under-eye bags
  • Helping skin recover from blemishes & acne scars
  • Smoothing fine lines & improving skin elasticity
  • De-puffing and slimming the face
  • Instantly lifting the face
  • Plumping the skin
  • Helping serums penetrate deeper into the lower levels of the skin

Most of these effects will be visible almost immediately and last a few weeks,, such as a firmer and more sculpted look to the face. For more long-term benefits, such as less fine lines, scar reduction, and a boost in the skin’s elasticity, the gua sha needs to become a more integral part of your skincare routine. The more often you use a gua sha on your face, the longer the benefits will last.

Tip: Keep your gua sha in the fridge so it’s cooled down and ready for use. The cool stone will help to tighten blood vessels, which in turn de puffs and tightens the face.

When Should I Not Use a Gua Sha?

Since the tool is pretty simple and gentle on the face, you really don’t have to be too concerned.

If you notice your skin looks really pink or red after use, there’s no need to worry. This is completely normal as the massage techniques help bring new blood to the surface, which helps with cell renewal.

However, there are times in which you should back off on your regular gua sha routine:

  • Sunburn. Do not use the tool on burned skin. Your skin needs time to heal, and “scraping” and rubbing it will not help one bit.
  • Rashes. If you have a rash on your face or psoriasis, it’s recommended that you don’t use a gua sha. This would only further irritate your skin.
  • Blood Clotting Disorders. If you have any issues with blood coagulation, avoid the gua sha. Please do talk with your doctor more about this.
  • During your Period. Your skin is naturally more sensitive during your monthly time. Using a gua sha may be slightly uncomfortable, and it can actually affect the heaviness of your flow.

How Often Should I Use a Gua Sha?

As with all skin routines, you should adapt any new products or tool to your skin type. You know your skin best, and you need to listen to it.

It’s recommended to start using it about 2-3 times a week. If you notice your skin is responding well to the massage, then go ahead and increase use to every day to get the best results. 

How Do I Use a Gua Sha?

Always make sure to sanitize your gua sha before each use and apply serum to your face. Moving the gua sha across dry skin will tug and pull, leading to increased skin texture and fine lines.

Work in a mixture of small and long strokes across the face, starting from the center and working your way out. Use the curved edges to fit the tool around the natural contours of the face and jaw structure.

For lymphatic drainage, focus around the chin/jawline and follow by sliding the gua sha down the neck to promote drainage.

Here’s a little video we put together to show you how to use this revolutionary tool:

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